Salient Features

100% biodegradable
Non-toxic and biophilic in nature
Excellent processability & good mechanical properties
Forms into packaging films, bubble wrap film, straws, molded containers and utensils, and bottles
ISO 17088:2008 Specifications for compostable plastics; ISO 16929 for compostability & ISO 14855-1 for biodegradability

Work with us

Are you an existing plastic manufacturer? Are you looking to switch to sustainable and green alternatives to plastic? Are you an environmentally conscious retailer who would like to switch to eco-friendly packaging, we have solutions for you! Our products can easily be manufactured using existing plastic machinery with minor adjustments to the machinery. We also have wide range of products that suit many applications. Get in touch and let us know how you would like to work with us.


Phimer is a versatile, 100% biodegradable material that lends itself to diversified applications such as films, packaging materials, bottles, thermoformed containers, to name a few.

Phimers easily integrate with industrial, agri, and municipal waste to create value-added products.

Technology & Design

We are backed by an excellent, innovative technology team that is specifically set up to collaborate and co-create with partners and customers to develop newer, advanced materials, solutions, and methods, besides providing testing, characterization and validation services.

Sustainability at Scale

Phimers are suitable to be manufactured with existing plastic infrastructure with minor adjustments to the machinery. This ensures industries can easily switch to a sustainable and cost-effective alternative NOW!