Meet the stellar team leading and guiding Phitons Bioengineering.

Dr. Babu Padmanabhan

Dr. Babu is the founder of Steer Engineering Pvt. Ltd. He has contributed immensely to the field of polymer using twin-screw extruder platform technology. Dr. Babu is considered one of the visionaries in the field of plastics and has designed and processed section components that led to the development of innovation in extrusion technology that has catered to the market globally. With his vision and guidance he is leading Phitons Bioengineering and the plastics industry at large towards a greener and sustainable future.

Satish Padmanabhan

Satish is a Director at Steer Engineering and leads the Corporate Services Group. His key role lies in providing strategic leadership and direction to this group for all emerging businesses of Steer World. With his years of experience, he will be guiding Phitons Bioengineering as a business in India and globally.

Dr. Anudeep Sandanamudi

Dr. Anudeep is the co-founder of Dhriti Bio Solutions and Chief Scientist at Potential Health Development. He is a molecular biologist driven by ideas that help the environment and develop solutions for crises the world is facing today. He has published articles in international journals. His research areas include polymer science, material science, formulations of functional foods and beverages.

Shiva Subramanian

Shiva is the founder of Connect Ventures. He is a serial entrepreneur with interests in life sciences, athletic performance, preventative health, renewable energy, food technology, and sustainability. He is constantly inspired and inspiring others with his ideas. He is the driving force behind Phitons Bioengineering.


Darren Horvath

Darren Horvath is the Managing Director and Founder of Progress Logistics Pty Ltd. Through his work as an international businessman he has also built up exceptionally high level business contacts with Global 1000 companies worldwide. He is responsible for ongoing innovations and contributions to the manufacturing sector, and in his capacity as Managing Director he personally oversees the technical and industrial production processes worldwide.

Nimrod Mon Brokman

Mon is an active partner and director in PHD and Behavioural Foresight and leads the behavioural design of the companies’ innovations. His constant persuasion in the human potential inspires him to develop strategic key relationships for different sustainable human and environmental solutions. He is driving Phitons Bioengineering’s international network and collaborations.

Alex Esteve

Alex Esteve is the Managing Partner for Europe. He is in charge of European Sales and Operations, expanding our markets throughout Europe. Alex comes from a manufacturing family with a history in the plastics industry for over 50 years. They have worked with top car manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and many other large companies throughout Europe, and as such he has extensive contacts and ready-made markets for our product. These years of experience and fountain of knowledge ensure Alex can identify, understand and work with all points of view for our clients and potential clients that already exist within the plastics industry.

Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan is the principal of CIC Technology. He has over 15 years of operation management and sales experience in the sports entertainment security industry. His recent projects include developing a carbon nanotube reactor, expanding the use of bio resin, and water filtration plants for sustainable environments. He is responsible for bringing the best-of-breed technology in the international market to the US for distribution. His security consulting clients include the Rose Bowl Stadium in California, the NFL, the NBA, several K-12 school systems across the US, and LAIKA Studios.

Stephanie Ernst

Stephanie Ernst works closely with our various clients, tailoring polymer mixture solutions for their various requirements and ensuring the successful completion of their production runs. She also consults closely with our clients to ensure their success beyond the production run, assisting with logistics and marketing solutions.

Nadine Kamleh

Nadine Kamleh is responsible for Quality Control across our range, ensuring that the products are made to the highest standard. She does this by ensuring only suitable components are sourced; monitors and manages the production runs; and finally checks the products meet our standards and the requirements of our clients.


Vasanth Kumar KC

Vasanth Kumar comes from a farming background and has been firm believer that clean and healthy food is a basic human right. He has always interested in supporting and encouraging businesses in sustainability and ones that reduce burden on natures. He has been an early supporter of Phitons Bioengineering and has been a very encouraging and an active partner.

Sushruth BR

Sushruth being in the business of agriculture has always been concerned with the way things have been changing with rapid growth and how nature has been exploited. With Phitons Bioengineering, he saw an opportunity to contribute in this regard. Sushruth along with Vasanth have been one of the first individuals support Phitons Bioengineering.