Phitons Bioengineering is a Bangalore based organization that is the result of scientists, technologists, engineers and socially conscious entrepreneurs coming together to make a compelling contribution to biophilic design and development.

It started in 2018 with a food and personal nutrition development company seeing an opportunity in Biodegradable materials. Such a novel material comprising of Sugar polymers and Biodegradable Polyester in a mono, continuous and homogeneous phase was found to be capable of being sufficiently hydrophobic and highly processable with excellent mechanical properties. This material gets easily converted to blown films, extruded shapes and molded objects. It is also a unique matrix material for creating several other specialized and functionalized compounds with increased stiffness and functionalities.

Phitons has been co-founded by:

Dhriti Bio Solutions
Food Sciences Development Company working on optimization of health, nutrition, and environment.

Connect Ventures
Business Consortia Company running a conglomeration of activities in health and well-being, agrotechnology and waste-water management, personalized nutrition and individual performance intervention for athletes and professionals among others.

STEERSteer World & Steer Life
Material sciences, Manufacturing solutions and Continuous process engineering Company specializing in intelligent compounding and creation of materials in the areas of polymers, elastomers, paints, food, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.